Minnesota DWI

The following testimonials are from participants that completed the EBS Driving With CareLevel 2 Education Program.

“I was ordered to complete a 12 week Driving With Care course which I wasn’t looking forward to.  During the process I began to realize it wasn’t as bad as I had first thought.  The instructors were helpful when it came to listening to my personal life, which helped in establishing a payment plan.  Upon reading the materials and attending the courses it taught me some techniques to not only prevent problems related to another DWI, but to genuinely live out a more positive life, especially with my family and friends.”

-Chris. Hugo, Minnesota

.  .  .

“Over the last twelve weeks this program has truly helped me grow as an individual and better myself. I’m leaving with the tools and techniques to not only prevent another Minnesota DWI but to genuinely live out a more positive and healthy lifestyle.”

– Colleen. Minneapolis, Minnesota

. . .

“This class helped me to realize and correct the thought patterns and behaviors that were negatively affecting my entire life. The scope of this class is not limited to one situation.”
– Kelsey. St. Paul, Minnesota

. . .

“This class has changed more than just my thoughts about drinking and driving. I have learned to change my thinking in all areas of my life, which in turn has been a great tool to live more positively!”
– Kathleen. Wayzata, Minnesota

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“All of the class was helpful.  I learned it is important to have plan if you know you are going to drink.  It is not worth getting a DWI or hurting/killing yourself or others.”
– Rori. Edina, Minnesota

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